In this day and age, children and adults alike are accustomed to keeping busy with a technological device. One way to “break away” from this self-contained and sedentary life is by organising family holidays with My Suitcase Blue©.

Add fuel to your children’s fire through engaging in family activities, enriching their self-confidence and skills for an active lifestyle. After all, children are natural explorers and dive right into anything new! At the same time, adults get to slowdown from the hectic day-to-day they may have and feel a greater appreciation for the outdoors with loved ones by their side. Take in the beauty of your surroundings and broaden your horizons by visiting different places and learning about the culture and people.

My Suitcase Blue© are constantly producing original activity ideas for all ages to take part in with innovative approaches to putting it all into action! Our team is available 24/7 to help kick start those plans and we are eager to create those lifelong memories.

The priceless gifts passed on, from grandparents to grandchildren, are those of exploration and wisdom. Consequently, travelling as a family is what it’s all about as it builds a strong bond between your multigenerational clan, especially when you experience the same adventure together!


Your work has been recognised and rewarded with a small group trip to an island in the Greek Med! Such a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues better and interact through different activities and at the end of the day, a good bottle of wine!

My Suitcase Blue© works with you to create custom-built travel packages for the whole team, whether it’s a chill journey you’re after or a more team building vacation - we have endless possibilities. Alongside activities, we take the strain out of organising accommodation and your daily transfer means with special combo offers.

Why not get the real feel for the country you’re visiting by going local? The beauty of all islands lies in the local communities, waiting with arms wide open to show you what it means to eat good food and enjoy every minute of the day. Now that’s an authentic experience! A motivational holiday to remember and a powerful reward to look forward to when back at work.

Incentive/motivational groups are limited to 30 people maximum, due to our concept of personalized and unique experiences for each individual.

All family holidays and incentive group gatherings are adapted according to Covid-19 protocol procedures.

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