Even though you are staying in the lap of luxury, you may still want to venture out, so why not rent a car and get away? The pink beaches bring romance to the forefront on the west side of Crete, while the palm trees of the east side give you that tropical island feel bringing you closer to nature. Renting a car provides the freedom and flexibility to travel wherever and whenever you want to, but it also allows you to visit parts of this fantastic island that are difficult to reach. Go wherever you want to go with an open mind and heart!

My Suitcase Blue©’s family business rent a car and moto company has been going strong in the industry for the past 35 years. As one of the leading rental companies in the Mirabello Bay, returning and new clients always connect with a friendly and devoted team that promote a personalized service with efficiency and professionalism. Furthermore, our large range of vehicles from luxury to cabrios and bicycles are available all over the island and can be dropped off at the location of your choice.

We all tend to notice unusual vehicles on the streets, so, go classic and feel like a Hollywood star in the driver’s seat of a Lancia Fulvia or direct your own Italian Job remake in a fashionable Mini Cooper. Vehicles for comfortable driving to picturesque places, while also travelling in style. Why not?

The easiest way of getting around town for couples is by renting a scooter and do we have a premium brand for you! The Black & White vintage style snapshots are achievable with our Vespa collection and offer that extra umph to your ride. For the adventurers, our 4x4 collection is eagerly waiting to be taken out for a spin on all the dirt roads of Crete. You bring the steering…they bring the power.

My Suitcase Blue© and Livas Rent-a-car are always by your side, with 24/7 road assistance and equipment such as kiddie seats, GPS and pet seats. We also provide full cover insurance without hidden costs, because regardless of the vehicle you choose, comfort and safety are our main priorities. In the case of uncertain situations due to COVID-19, we have integrated a flexible cancellation policy, allowing you to make any necessary changes for your full satisfaction and confidence. Check out our collection and step your foot on it towards adventure!

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