My Suitcase Blue

Welcome to My Suitcase Blue©, the new statement in luxury travel inspired by the glorious blue color that so defines Greece. A passionate traveller myself with an in-depth knowledge of refined hospitality, bilingual by nature and a cosmopolitan by profession, my suitcase has always been a delightful reminder of rewarding experiences and vivid images rather than an accessory.

After 17 years of strong presence in the industry, I decided it was time to put into action what has been a personal ambition for some time now: a boutique VIP concierge service offering fine concepts. Based on the majestic island of Crete, I offer a quintessential product on a B2B and B2C basis. My professional career (Guest Relations Agent, Sales Director in luxury estate) and involvement in our local family travel agency/car rental company, has given me insight into a wide spectrum of what guests needs and desires.


My great passion and professionalism have been rewarded with clients that trust me to use my local expertise, creating an elegant personalized service for them, time and again. As your "person on the spot", every request will be treated professionally, accompanied by sur mesure projects and experiences from A to Z for a seamless getaway.

Based in Eastern Crete, My Suitcase Blue© is an elegantly designed travel concept store. It came to life with a desire to ensure excellent high-end concierge services for guests or travel designers. Our multilingual team is dedicated to creating bespoke vacations, using a wide local and international luxury network. Efficiency, effectiveness, creativity, reliability and safety are just some of our founding values and this is visible in all our projects.

Below are some ideas of the infinity possibilities, My Suitcase Blue© works on a tailor-made basis according to the client's profile. Step into my Wonderland- Aliki KAFETZAKI- Founder/Concept Manager

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