For the utmost care-free stay, My Suitcase Blue© and our exclusive network of partners have put into place a professional butler service.

The butler will be matched to your individual requirements, providing an expert luxury service adhering to the highest and consistent standards, whilst always being present yet discreet. Opening your eyes to a different and unique type of private service, your personal butler can be arranged for any type of occasion or accommodation, from villas to hotels and resorts. Bringing their expertise to the table and anticipating any request needed for an enjoyable holiday and authentic experience. Our certified private butlers are equipped with the most important qualities and skills necessary, such as multi-tasking, exceptionally organised, efficient and knowledgeable on food and wine pairings.

Sail out into the ocean on your private yacht, relax and breathe in the fresh air, whilst your punctilious go-to person is orchestrating a myriad of services in the background, for you and your guests delight.


The protection and safety of VIP guests is our top priority and of utmost importance. Prestige security agents with years of experience deliver 24/7 support and insurance for famous personalities, celebrities, politicians and entrepreneurs.

Available for your entire sunny visit, our agents become the barrier between you and the outside world, guaranteeing an undisturbed holiday or a breezy business trip, without interruptions. Included in the services are also valuable asset guarding such as your private yacht or villa and bulletproof vehicles for your safe arrival to your destination. Our highly trained team provide reliable protection from the moment you land at the airport or port until the moment you bid us farewell, escorting you throughout your stay, with confidentiality, attentiveness and sharpness as some of their main attributes.

With My Suitcase Blue©, you can now live the ultimate experience of VIP protection. A simple email to our office is all it takes, and we’re on it!

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